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We keep your everyday Laundry sorted!

Hand over your everyday laundry chores to us! Our laundry ninjas will carefully wash, dry, and fold your clothes; all you have to do is to put them in your closet! With us wearing freshly washed clothes would be even your slightest worry! We make it super easy for you to make more time to enjoy the better things in life without having to worry about washing your daily wear.

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How does our Wash and Fold Service work?

Get Freshly Washed Clothes in just 6 Easy Steps!

  • Our Delivery team collects your soiled clothes in our laundry bag, or you can drop them off at our nearby outlet.
  • We sort it out based on color and material so that your yellow clothes don't have green stains from your favorite green scarf!
  • We put it in our innovative technology machines, and the deep washing starts.
  • Once the washing is done, we carefully put them in the dryer and super dry them instantly!
  • We neatly fold them with care to make them wrinkle-free and closet-ready while we stack them up in sets of 5.
  • Your freshly washed, folded, and stacked clothes are then put into our 100% Reusable and Eco-friendly laundry bags. All ready to be worn whenever you want!

Trust your everyday wardrobe care to the best laundry services in Toronto

We are your best friend when it comes to clean & fresh clothes! We take care of your wardrobe from every angle, whether it be a shirt or suit set dry cleaning or special outfit dry cleaning, or even when it comes to everyday clothing laundry. Our innovative technology in Laundry allows us to give your daily wear clothes the ultimate cleaning care they need.

Delegate your Laundry like you delegate tasks at work to focus on important things!

Could you let us know why you waste time doing the laundry chores when you can entrust us with that? Time is precious, and you must spend it doing productive things that make you happy. Save time from your Laundry and make time to do something that you love! You deserve to get some me-time after a week's hard work, and Laundry isn't fun! So leave the Laundry to us!

We take over your laundry chores

We fluff and dry your clothes with the latest technology and utmost care with the best detergents that clean yet care for your clothes, from sorting them by color to washing and drying them and finally folding them to avoid wrinkles and putting them into tidy bundles. We give your clothes back to you closet-ready!

Get back Freshly Washed and Folded Closet-ready clothes

All you need to do is put them in a closet when we give them back to you. We don't just hand them over to you in a laundry bag, but we get them tidily folded and ready to be stored for a sorted closet so that you can just easily pick and wear them on your busy weekdays and don't have to go through the hassle of finding them out of a pile.

The Best Laundry Service is just a Click Away with our Mobile App

Make us your go-to Laundry Partner with our super-convenient Mobile App, which schedules your pickup in just 3 minutes and turns your laundry day into a fun day. Get your freshly washed and folded Laundry delivered to your doorstep within 24 hrs. You can even track your Laundry's progress from wherever you are and schedule a delivery at your convenience.

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