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Health and Safety Guidelines

Our priority is the health and wellness of our customers, staff, and community.

Services for cleaning clothes, bed linens, household items, shoe repair, and restoration and disinfecting are more crucial than ever. We are dedicated to providing hygienic cleaning solutions to our customers affected by COVID-19. And we take the health guidelines very seriously, making our processes completely safe even during the pandemic.

Face Mask is a Pickup & Delivery Mandate

Our Drivers and Cleaners are always equipped with face masks, which are mandatory during pickup or delivery and even during the cleaning process, for your and their safety.

Thorough Sanitizing

Our Cleaning facilities and staff are sanitized at regular intervals from time to time to keep the entire process safe. The high touchpoint areas are sanitized inch by inch for the utmost safety.

Online Payment is not an Option

We have a contactless payment policy for the world's safety, and to stop this deadly virus from spreading, we have discarded cash payments for our services. All prices are done through our mobile app, and paperless invoices are shared via email to avoid any contact.

Contactless Pickup & Delivery

Our personnel will collect your dirty laundry from outside your doorstep and leave it on your doorstep, keeping it a safe & contactless delivery.

Covid-19 Measures at the Cleaning Facility
  • I am requesting sick employees stay at home.
  • At the counters at each store location, transparent plastic shields have been set up.
  • Please provide gloves and masks to all cleaning personnel.
  • For the benefit of both staff and customers, hand sanitizer is provided at store counters.
  • Strict Social Distancing is practiced.
GreenEarth Solvent Dry Cleaning for Extra Safety

Due to the pandemic, we have used GreenEarth solvent only in our cleaning processes. The fact that GreenEarth dries at the highest temperature for the most extended amount of time; though we do not yet know the COVID-19 virus's exact behavior if it behaves similarly to other tested viruses, the GreenEarth process is the most effective dry cleaning method currently available to inactivate bacteria and viruses and potentially inactivate allergens.