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Term of Services


Liability for any reason (including, but not limited to, lost or damaged items) is limited to a lesser of 10 times the cleaning/service cost or the depreciated value of the item as determined by the International Fabricare Institute (I.F.I) or Ontario Fabricare Association guidelines.

We will not be liable for any item(s) not collected more than 30 days after dropping off or picked-up such item(s) with us.

Any claim settled by us will be on condition that it is accepted by you for full and final settlement.

We will not be liable for any damage which is not related to or caused by the cleaning process.

We follow the International Fabricare Institute (I.F.I) industry or Ontario Fabricare Association guidelines for fair compensation. From these guidelines, we would potentially compensate you once liability is proven by us, only once the age, original value, and proof of purchase from you are clearly established. We do not replace old for new and therefore need to establish the age, state, and condition of the item(s) prior to any compensation being paid out. We will calculate the adjustment value, which utilizes the average life expectancy of the textiles and actual age of the articles.

Any lost or damaged items must be reported via email to info@cleanonline.ca within 5 business days. North York's Premium Dry Cleaners / Cleanonline team makes its best reasonable effort to track every item that we process and review all lost or damaged items claims on a case-by-case basis.

All above conditions applied to our online pick-up & delivery and both in store locations at "4664 Yonge Street, and 4841 Yonge Street, North York, Ontario, Canada

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