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Give your Laundered Shirts a Specialist's Touch

With us, you can make your everyday shirts look their best, which gives you the confidence you need to shine through the day. Leave the job of keeping your daily wear dress shirts in the best shape while you do your thing without worrying about the struggles of doing laundry on weekends!

Are you looking for a Dress Shirt Laundry service in Toronto? We've got your back!

Our 4-Step Complete Shirt Care Affair Includes:

  • Step 1: We Watch out for the Stains!
  • Before we go for the actual deal laundry, we carefully search through your dress shirt to spot any stains. And immediately with our latest stain removal process, we get those stubborn stains off your shirt at once. Now you can enjoy every moment of the day without worrying about staining your shirt with sauce, ketchup, or even with your pen while you are engrossed in work because we've got you covered 360 Degrees.

  • Step 2: This Wash ensures that your shirts are cleaner, whiter, and fresher!
  • With our newest technology, we provide that all dirt, whether visible or invisible, is gone for good, leaving your shirt squeaky clean. Our latest aroma technology ensures that your shirt retains the fresh scent you can't resist sniffing now and then!

  • Step 3: Forget about mending those broken buttons and loose hems; we do it for you!
  • While prepping your clothes to be pressed, we also look for loose hems and broken buttons that could dull the look of your freshly laundered and pressed shirt. Our wash ninjas instantly do the mend once they notice their requirement so that you don't need a last-moment hack!

  • Step 4: Your Shirts are pressed just as you prefer them!
  • You receive more than just the superiorly cleaned shirts; we ensure that they are wrinkle-free in every manner while we carefully put them in your preferred starch conditions. Your shirts are returned to you either perfectly folded or hung with care and easy to store, just like you like them to be!

Get your complete clothing sets professionally laundered.

Not only your business shirts, but you can also leave us in charge of your entire everyday wardrobe. We do laundry for jackets, blazers, skirts, skirt sets, suit sets, dresses, and pants. So why not just drop off the entire collection at an outlet near you or get them picked up from your doorstep?

Enjoy dress shirt laundry service from North York’s Premium Dry Cleaners. We are one of the only dry cleaners services offering FREE pickup and delivery.

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