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Art Restoration Services

[ Art Restoration ]

Every single artifact of your house is collected one by one with care, and each one adds charm to your home. These are things that are treasured for one reason or another in every house or place of work. After a fire, flood, or another incident that causes damage, we help you repair artifacts like pictures, collectibles, memorabilia, antiques, artwork, or sculptures to their initial forms so that they can beautify your space again like they always did.

What is Art Restoration?

Artifacts are precious and have a lot of emotional value; hence we try to restore them to the fullest of our abilities keeping their originality intact. Items we can rejuvenate after a fire or water damage event include pictures, collectibles, memorabilia, antiques, artwork, and sculptures.

We clean, deodorize, and disinfect damaged items using methods approved by conservators while preserving your artifact’s integrity. We always try to get the item back to its pre-loss state or even better.

CRDN Art Restoration Services

Artifacts that we restore:

Paintings & Works on Paper

  • Paintings
  • Prints/Lithographs
  • Drawings (Pen, Ink, Charcoal, Pastels, etc.)
  • Event and Content Posters

Objects and Collectables

  • Hummel / Precious Moments etc.
  • Intricate Vases
  • China
  • Tiffany Lamps


  • Photo Albums
  • Framed Photos
  • Stacks of Photos

Murals and Mosaics

  • Permanent and non-permanent installations


  • China and Porcelain Dolls
  • American Doll Collections
  • Doll Clothing


  • Porous materials (such as fiber, wood, marble, unglazed granite, etc.)
  • Non-porous materials (such as bronze, other metals, porcelain, glass, etc.)


  • Shoulder Mounts
  • Trophy Mounts
  • Full Body Mounts
Photo Albums Restoration
Paintings Restoration

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