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We promise to turn your Laundry Days into Fun Days

We are Toronto's finest store and online dry cleaning service. Each item we clean is put through a procedure that revives the colors and textures while utilizing only all-natural, environmentally safe cleaning agents. North York's Premium Dry Cleaners stands out as a welcome exception in a world where exceptional service is craved but hardly experienced.

We care for your clothes just like you do and strive to give them the best care they very rightly deserve. With our passion for laundry and cleaning, we like to keep up to date with the finest innovation in our technologies and processes so that your laundry experience is smooth like butter!

We value your quality time as much as you do, which is why we are always on laundry duty. We believe in intelligent living and delegation where needed, so we love to be in charge of your laundry because you have many productive things to do that would make the world a better place. So, forget tiring laundry weekends and still enjoy the confidence and freshness of squeaky-clean clothes!

Bhupender Singh Rakhra

CEO & Founder of North York’s Premium Dry Cleaners
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Our Mission

We aim to change how the world sees professional laundry services as a luxury. We dream of spotless, fresh clothes in every home, minus the hassle. We pledge to make Professional Dry cleaning a pocket-friendly way to a more intelligent life.

Our Vision

With our expertise and passion in laundry, cleaning, and restoration, we will bring about a dynamic evolution in the laundry industry with our latest innovations and transform laundry into a more plant-friendly business rewriting the future of the commercial laundry industry.

Our Strategy

We plan to be as sustainable to the environment as we can with our eco-friendly solvents, and our experts are constantly researching and working on making our processes more and more green. Our personal touch and customized clothing care processes set us apart from regular laundromats near you. We value your time as much as you do, and it keeps us ahead.

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