Our Process

Find the best Laundromat near you today!

We know that finding a trustable laundromat near you is challenging for us. You cannot just trust your favorite clothes with just about anybody! Just as contemporary as your clothes are, they need recent innovations to be cared for, and we are all about modern clothing care. Forget about waiting in long queues to get your laundry done at a local laundromat and wasting your precious weekends on chores when you should be relaxing on your couch.

Step 1

After you have bagged your dirty laundry into our laundry bag, our team picks them up from your doorstep, and our expertise starts here.

Step 2: Intense Sorting by Fabric, Colour, and Soil Level

Extra soiled clothes need deep cleaning, and we give them to them! Our passionate laundry experts carefully group fabrics that need special care in similar color batches so that your white shirt doesn't end up in a tie-and-dye shirt! Once they are grouped, they are ready to be cleaned exclusively.

Step 3: Spot Stain Removal

We spot the stubbornest stains and remove them with our latest removal innovation without harming your clothes, leaving them spotless.

Step 4: Repairs on the go

When looking for stains, if we find anything that needs repair in terms of minor wear and tears, loose hems and threads, and broken or missing buttons, your clothes are always ready to wear!

Step 5: Selecting the perfect detergent

Our custom detergents enhance the color and shine of your clothes, making them look brand new every time you wear them. We choose the detergent fit for the particular fabric or material for optimum care. Every fabric needs exclusive attention, and only custom detergents can give it to them.

Step 6: Wardrobe-Ready Clothes

Our laundry experts press your clothes with the utmost care giving them the perfect temperature they can endure. They are tidily folded into neat bundles, making them wardrobe-ready.

Step 7: Doorstep Delivery

Once our Ninjas deliver them back to your doorstep in a reusable laundry bag, all you have to do is to stack them up in your wardrobe, ready to wear whenever you want to. We not only have your laundry game sorted, but we also have your wardrobe sorted too!