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Fire Restoration for Contents

[ Fire Restoration for Contents ]

We provide you with top-notch fire restoration services along with post-fire cleaning. We strive to regain the previous glory of your precious property; we help you to properly restore your household gadgets and textiles as well to their pre-loss condition.

Fire-Restoration Dry Cleaning

Why waste money on buying new linens when they are restorable? Smoke, Soot, and Harmful chemicals get onto your household linens after a fire and after it has been extinguished. It would help if you didn't replace your old linens that are full of memories; we can help you restore your household linens like curtains, clothes, bedding linens, table linens, etc., through our fire restoration dry cleaning services. Our experts remove toxic residue from your linens through deep cleaning, leaving them ready for a fresh start!

Here are some of the contents that we can restore for you after a fire:

  • Fire restoration dry cleaning
  • Soot removal services
  • Smoke damage restoration

Electronics Restoration Services after Fire

As Fire substantially affects your home and your family's emotional health, it also affects your electronic gadgets' health. Soot and smoke may leave corrosive chemicals inside your devices that might be detrimental in the long run.

Hence we run a thorough test to identify these issues in your gadgets after a fire, and our intensive care procedure helps to revive your devices to their best condition by our electronic restoration experts.

Our Post-Fire Electronics Restoration experts first run a test for the device's functionality and then dis-assembles it and check for damage and residue; then, they thoroughly clean it from the inside and reassemble your device for it to function back normally.

Electronics Restoration Services after Fire
Our Fire Restoration Service is a 3-step Procedure.

Our experts first thoroughly inspect the affected area or the property to spot areas of restoration and assign concerned expertise personnel for each type of damage.

Next, our expert personnel cleanses your property from smoke and soot residue and dry-cleans your damaged linen. They examine the electronic goods and the repair they need. Then they repair them to return them to their pre-damage state. They determine the condition of the items and start the restoration process.

The unrestorable items that have been heavily damaged are returned to you for replacement by your insurance company.

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