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Consignment Services

The Consignment Service - What it is and how it works

Consignment is a business arrangement in which goods are left in possession of another party, who sells the goods and keeps a percentage of the sales.

By trusting our Consignment Services, you may save time and get more for the items you no longer wear. We pledge to get the most out of your wardrobe clean-out, whether it's a formal gown, a luxury purse, a tuxedo, or pricey denim. We undertake all the legwork to ensure you receive the highest possible price for your goods; you must relax and pick up a check once they are sold.

We offer consignment services in Toronto and Surrounding areas

Save time and get more for the items you no longer wear by trusting North York's Premium Dry Cleaners Consignment. Whether it's a formal gown, a designer bag, a tuxedo, or top-dollar denim, we promise to make the most of your closet clean-out.

We've made scheduling, managing, and paying for your restoration needs easy. Schedule a pickup for consignment services or call us at 1-416-733-1456

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